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Drilling Optimisation & Dynamics

Drilling Optimisation = Risk Reduction


How much of your drilling budget is going down the  drain?

Non Productive Time (NPT) and Invisible Lost Time (ILT) are estimated* to account for 15-40% of Drilling and Completion costs  


*: SPE128722, Increasing Efficiencies Through Improved Collaboration and Analysis of Real-Time and Historical Data.

What do we mean by Drilling Optimisation?

About Us

Founded in 2016 by experienced optimisation engineer Neil Cardy. Longsword Consulting Ltd is an independent specialist optimisation consultancy  offering a comprehensive suite of drilling optimisation services, including drilling dynamics analysis to reduce the risk of going over budget.

Identify causes of NPT / ILT

Remove or reduce

Monitor performance

Identify opportunities for further improvement


We offer a range of drilling optimisation services which can reduce the risk of going over budget, including:

Offset well analysis

Performance benchmarking

Operational time analysis

Torque and drag / Hole cleaning

Drilling dynamics

Optimisation studies



Longsword Consulting Ltd

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